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Helping You Unlock Your Hidden Confidence

Discover the Power Within, Elevate Your Personal Brand, and Propel Your Success

It’s time to explore where passion meets potential, and confidence becomes a guiding force.

I am Lara Lauder –  a dynamic confidence coach, and an expert in crafting authentic personal brands and helping you share your voice.

Described as a “wonderful host with fabulous energy,” I am on a mission to help successful business leaders and entrepreneurs unlock their true potential.

My work goes beyond the surface; I delve into the realms of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and the subtle barriers that may hinder one’s path to success. I teach Leaders and emerging Leaders the skills to uplevel and present with passion.

In a world where external confidence often masks internal insecurities, I specialize in guiding you through a transformative journey. I focus on those who question their impact, worry about perceptions, and seek to elevate their personal and professional presence.

As Regional President of the Thames Valley Professional Speaking Association, I encourage, coach, mentor and inspire you to share your authentic voice. I do this by offering Presentation and Communication Skills Training, Podcast Coaching, and Coaching for A New Business.

Play to your Strengths

Discover your TRUE purpose

Have Clarity of your message

Confidently speak in public

Develop Unwavering Self Belief in all you do

Have that success mindset

Unlocking Your Confidence Through Professional Speaking : Keynote Topics

I help entrepreneurs unlock their hidden confidence by elevating their brand in three ways

1. Your Presence

My Confidence with Colour and Style helps you recognise the power of colour for your presence and impact. My packages identify the correct colour and style for your skin tone and body shape.

2. Your Voice

My Professional Speaking focuses on how they can project your authenticity and personality. I focus on emerging, and established leaders.

3. Your Mindset

My Clarity, Kickstart and Accountability focuses on your mindset- their belief to succeed, and implementing their branding in a way that suits their unique individuality.


About Me

BEd Hons (English) | Regional President Thames Valley Professional Speakers | Podcast Host

Lara is an award-winning energetic, creative, Personal Brand and Confidence Coach who empowers women to reconnect, lead and sparkle with their own unique presence and talents. As an International motivational speaker, she is known for captivating her audiences and speaks regularly on ‘How to Unlock Your Hidden Confidence’. She is also President of The Professional Speakers’ Association and has a globally renowned Unlock Your Hidden Confidence podcast.

An entrepreneur from an early age, Lara knows only too well the power of presenting yourself authentically and the value of reputation. Her experience spans two successful franchises, a global network marketing business, as well as a career in teaching. More recently she became Regional Director of The Athena Network in West Berkshire, networking, training and mentoring business owners to success through positive, powerful, personal branding and by utilising their voice and personal presence to ensure a positive impact.

She now unites and empowers women from across the world through the Sparkle & Shine Club and is the Founder of the Last Step Before Stage Speakers Academy.


Encouraging, Inspiring and Educational All In One!

The Unlock Your Hidden Confidence Podcast is encouraging, inspiring and educational all in one!

Lara is a wonderful host, with a fabulous energy. Her passion for helping others live into their true potential really shines through and she has a wonderful selection of guests from all walks of life. If you are looking for a podcast that will really help you grow, this is definitely it! “


Incredibly Skilled at Colour & Style!

” Spending time with Lara over zoom was amazing! Not only is she incredibly skilled at color and style, Lara was easy and fun to work with.

I particularly appreciated how honest and direct she was about both color and style. I left feeling more confident not just about what colors and styles I can invest in, but also how to wear the colors, styles and accessories I currently have.”      

Lina J.


I suddenly had blue eyes that I hadn’t really seen before!

Lara was amazing. I am a natural cynic and so whilst curious about the colour analysis, was not convinced that it would work. How wrong was I!!! What an amazing experience. 

The style session that followed helped me realise that I can be confident in my own skin, and that it really doesn’t matter what others think and that I am who I am – so let’s dress like it!!”

Sophie Davies


Top Ranking Podcast Episodes


My Colour Journey with Michelle Smith

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From Corporate Life To Contact Sports with Flick Lucas

Flick Lucas used to live a corporate life in London. She was very good at her job but did it really make her happy? Did she have what it takes to quit?What happened and how it unlock her hidden confidence?

029- Katherine

Follow Your Gut! with Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie

What shifted Katherine from a youth of sex, drugs and rock and roll to poo analysis?! Find out how Katherine became an expert in gut health and what her thoughts are on colonic irrigation.

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