Wearing colour from Kettlewell Colours can make you feel energised and confident

Colour has the power to make us feel good, energised, confident and the right shades under your chin really can make you look 10 years younger.

Your favourite colour is not always the one that looks the best on you. I love orange, it makes me feel happy but I could easily see at my colour analysis consultation that it made my skin look blotchy and it gave me a yellow tinge to my skin tone.  Whereas putting Saphire blue under my chin and my features are defined, my skin looked fresh and my eyes shined bright!

So now I don’t wear orange but get my orange fix in the form of orange flowers around the house, an orange stained glass t-light holder and I drink my tea from Orla Kiely orange patterned mugs!

How does colour make you feel confident?

Different colours evoke different feelings and emotions.

  • Yellow symbolises happiness and warmth in almost all cultures
  • Green makes you feel optimistic and refreshed
  • Red  is known for making you feel passionate and energised
  • Blue is calming. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil and orderly
  • Pink calms and reassures. It represents compassion, nurturing and love
  • Purple can make you feel creative, it is associated with royalty and wealth
  • Black is bold, sophisticated, classic and serious. It is also associated with sadness and mourning

The best colours to wear are the ones that naturally harmonise with your natural skin tone and experiencing a colour consultation with a trained consultant will identify these colours for you.

There are two main types of colour analysis, seasonal and tonal. I personally believe that seasonal colour analysis gives a much deeper, accurate assessment of someone’s best colours rather than a tonal colour consultation. It is also vital that colour analysis only takes place in person and NOT online with no makeup together with good natural lighting.

When you know which colour season you are, shopping for clothes becomes very easy! One of my favourite places for good quality tops & tees is Kettlewell Colours. I always recommend them as the perfect starting place for anyone wanting a few key pieces to start them off after colour analysis.

Once you own an item of Kettlewell you will want more! Be warned, it can become addictive as you look in the mirror and like what you see – a confident, younger-looking version of yourself.

As a recommended Colour Consultant with  Kettlewell, I always ensure my clients know exactly which are the must-have new shades for their season.

Did you have a lockdown declutter or clear out?

According to WRAP, one of the UK’s Top 5 environmental charities 2 in 4 ( 41%) UK citizens have had such a clear-out during the COVID 19 pandemic.

If you fall into this statistic, you may well want to replace some of these discard, old and unworn items with new or preloved.

If you are looking to buy new t-shirts then look no further than the superb selection from Kettlewell Colours.

Owner, Melissa has an eye for colour and always ensures that each season from the seasonal colour wheel is catered for. I love the function on their website where you can sort by colour season.

I am a Winter so can easily select all the Winter options to just show on the screen saving me time and effort.

I have selected 4 colours, one from each season as my top picks for buying a t-shirt this Spring.

The 4 Colour Seasons


If you are a Winter, you have a cool skin tone and suit the deep, bold, vibrant, and icy colours. Saphire blue is my top pick for you this Spring. This picture is of the Serena 3/4 Sleeve Top.

Put it together with Fuchsia pink or use a contrast colour such as Ice Blue to really harmonise with your natural skin tone.

I would also recommend you look out for Kettlewell’s Chinese Blue. As a Winter we have 2 cool bright turquoise shades in our palette, Lagoon Blue & Chinese Blue and they can often be hard to find so take advantage and stock up your wardrobe in this shade!


If you are a Summer you also have a cool skin tone but the Winter colours are to bold and bright for you. You need more softer shades that are blended and muted. This 3/4 sleeve Faux Wrap in Orchid is a perfect shade for you.

I am also loving seeing a Gemma Layered Top in Rose Madder. Summers, wear this with a Colour Co


If you are a Spring you have a warm skin tone and suit the warm shades which are light and bright. My top colour pick for Springs is a shade of green. After colour analysis, most new Springs go for the grassy Leaf and Kerry greens but you also can wear this superb Apple and Apple Mint shade. Give it a go, it will lighten and brighten your face!

This is a Betty Cowl sleeveless top and it is also available with sleeves for those who prefer. Don’t forget your best white is a cream and Kettlewell do a super Buttermilk and for something a bit more yellow, look out for Lemonade.


If you are an Autumn you have a warm skin tone and suit the rich, earthy colours. You also have splashes of vibrancy in the form of lime, royal purple, bright orange and saffron. My Kettlewell top pick for you as the warmer weather approaches is Amber. This Scoop 1/2 sleeve is a perfect choice. I am also loving the Serena 3/4 sleeve in Golden Bronze as well.

There is lots of Lime this season for you as well, in a Betty Cowl and a Everyday Cotton Tee

For more vibrancy look out for Flame Orange in the Cashmere Gauze Stole and for you soft Autumns there is Spiced Coral. Click here to see full colour choice. 

The Soft Tie Wrap in Saffron adds a superb pop of colour worn with brown jeans and don’t forget Olive and Tree Top as your go to greens!

I offer a complimentary 30 minute Zoom Kettlewell Styling session for Ladies who have had colour analysis and also for those who want to start wearing colour. At this session I am also able to offer you an exclusive Kettlewell discount off your purchase. Click here to book your complimentary session, claim your exclusive discount and start living your life in colour!

This is also available to Ladies in the USA.

If you would like to discover you colours and personal style please get in touch.

All photo credits to Kettlewell Colours, click here to visit their website