Are you confident wearing all the colours in your Seasons palette? Do you know what a WOW is?Can you remember Three Points of Red?When you had your Colour analysis that was just Day 1 of the rest of your life living in colour. There was a lot of information to take in and process and so it is only natural that you may want a refresher to help you make the most of wearing your colours.I have created some online Colour Workshops ensure your knowledge is topped up, you are inspired to wear new colour combinations and give you full access to my Sparkle & Shine client group for further support.The online Zoom workshops include:

  • Review of your Season
  • Review of where your colours fit in the Colour Wheel
  • What is a WOW colour?
  • How to wear ALL your Seasons colours
  • How to identify your colours when shopping (in person & online)
  • How to use your wallet effectively
  • Your best shade of navy, red & white
  • How to wear your colours for maximum impact
  • A reminder of your 3 Points of Red
  • Review of your best make up colours
  • New colour combinations for you to try
  • Your questions answered in live Q&A
  • Video resources for your reference

All workshops are £25pp and last for 2 hours.I start off with Winters on Tuesday February 8th at 6:45pm. Book NOW at by Autumns on Tuesday February 15th at 6:45pm. Book NOW at on Monday February 21st at 6:45pm. Book NOW at on Wednesday February 23rd at 6:45pm. Book Now at will end with a live Q&A to ensure all your questions are answered. If you live in the US and can’t make the time, don’t worry – the event will be recorded and you can submit your questions beforehand!Anyone can attend, you don’t have to have had your colours done with me but please note that the information I give is based upon Seasonal Colour Analysis. I am HOC trained, now an Independent Consultant.I look forward to seeing you all!