Thank You Kettlewell Colours!

Thank You Kettlewell Colours!

Isn’t it lovely to feel appreciated? For someone to say ‘Thank You’ either verbally or with a gesture.

I recently received an invitation from Kettlewell Colours to visit their new HQ. I say new because it’s been at least 4 years since I was there last and they have moved to bigger and better premises since then.  Having been a Star Consultant with Kettlewell since I trained to be a Colour Analyst and Image Consultant nearly 7 years ago, the invitation was a way of saying ‘Thank You’ as they move in line with their business growth and alter the way consultants work with them.

Not only thrilled to having worked alongside Kettllewell for nearly 7 years, sharing the love and passion of colour, they are my favourite retailer! I honestly can say I wear Kettlewell everyday, it is a staple in my wardrobe. As such, I am their raving fan, introducing their super range of ethically sourced, everyday essentials, perfect in colour and shade for all skin tones to everyone I meet. Kettlewell is THE perfect place to shop for living a life in colour!

One of the ways I like to say ‘Thank You’ to my clients after they have experienced Seasonal Colour Analysis with myself is to provide them with extra value in the form of some personalised shopping links to Kettlewell. This ensures their first purchases are accurate in colour and style giving you a head start in creating effortless style and a wardrobe where everything mixes and matches perfectly together.

If you are new to colour and don’t know where to start, Kettlewell Colours is the perfect place for inspiration. Kettlewell actively promote the benefits of Colour Analysis, so if you haven’t had your colours done yet email me now to find out more how you can Live Life in Colour!

Listen to my Colour Analysis story on my Unlock Your Hidden Confidence Podcast where I share how receiving a Gift Voucher for Colour Analysis at Christmas was the best present ever!

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