Lara’s Learnings spotlights on the key takeaways from the last 9 podcast episodes as well as
giving my reflections upon what I have learnt.
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Ep 60 – Refreshed And Ready To Go with Lara Lauder
Ep 61 – How To Feel Confident When Grieving with Liz Hood
Ep 62 – From Bad Hair Day to Curly And Confident with Hannah Bradley
Ep 63 – How To Love Your Colours with Lara Lauder
Ep 64 – Zoom Essentials with Lara Lauder
Ep 65 – Sales is Service with Becky Colwell
Ep 66 – Time For A Spring Clean with Lara Lauder
Ep 67 – How To Feel Confident Spring cleaning Your Wardrobe with Lara Lauder
Ep 68 – Don’t Let Anxiety Hold You Back with Caroline Cavanagh
Ep 69 – How To Reclaim Your Life with Laura de la Harpe
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Lara is an award winning Colour Analyst and Image Consultant, Speaker and Co-Author of
the International Bestselling book, The Law of Brand Attraction.
Lara shows Ladies around the globe HOW to Unlock Their Hidden Confidence through
knowing their colours, understanding their body shape and personality so they can develop an
authentic personal style
In addition, Lara works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to Unlock Their Hidden
Confidence to ensure they have maximum Impact & Influence through a Powerful, Authentic
Personal Brand, Business Skills and Knowledge.

In January 2023, Lara took on the role of Regional Director for The Athena Network in West
Berkshire, England and facilitates networking for professional women.
Would you like to network with Lara? Develop your business and get connected to a global
network of likeminded business ladies. Find out more about The Athena Network by clicking

You don’t have to be local to Lara to be part of here growing, inspiring group of professional
ladies. Email her at lara.lauder@theathenanetwork.com for more information.

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HOSTED BY: Lara Lauder

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