Are you one of those people who says, “I don’t do sales or I can’t sell?”

You might feel you can’t sell but the reality is that every day you are selling yourself, your viewpoint, opinions, knowledge and expertise. In some way, shape or form, we are always selling ourselves. So whether you’re in business, or you’re someone who works in an office, or perhaps you’re at home, whatever your role is in life, wherever you are, this podcast is for you today to help you unlock your hidden confidence when it comes to those tricky sales conversations.

My guest, sales trainer & mentor, Becky Cowell and I discuss how you can become more confident about having sales conversations. Becky also shares how she has unlocked her hidden confidence from having a traumatic childhood and a stammer to becoming the woman she is today.

This podcast is not all about sales – Far from it!

It’s also about a heart centred lady who has worked hard to become more confident and is following her passion.

Tune in to be uplifted, inspired and motivated!


“When I consider my past and how I behaved, I was super successful in corporate, successful, always driven, always moving forward, but never felt completely comfortable in my own skin was always trying to be somebody I wasn’t. I never felt I fitted in. And what I’ve realised now is, the more I know myself, and the more authentic I am to being me, the more I fit in, because I’m real now, instead of trying to be something I wasn’t’

“With sales, just remember you are serving. That would be my big tip for anyone in business. And for everyone else, lean into being you the real authentic you and you will resonate with the people who will be your best possible fit ever”


Becky Colwell is a sales trainer and mentor. She believes that selling is just another business skill, not a personality trait and that that everyone can sell AND stay aligned with their values and connected with their clients.

With three decades of sales and business improvement experience, winning awards along the way, Becky chose to leave corporate behind looking for a more fulfilling life.  

As she got to know more women in business, Becky noticed that too many were stumbling over sales conversations and leaving clients behind who could hugely benefit from their service, and so Heart to Heart Sales was founded to help kind and spiritual small business owners to have client conversations with ease, and to make the money they need to have a thriving business.


Website :https://www.hearttoheartsales.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beckycolwell

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Lara is an award-winning Colour Analyst and Image Consultant, Speaker and Co-Author of the International Bestselling book, The Law of Brand Attraction.

Lara shows Ladies around the globe HOW to Unlock Their Hidden Confidence through knowing their colours, understanding their body shape and personality so they can develop an authentic personal style.

In addition, Lara works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to Unlock Their Hidden Confidence to ensure they have maximum Impact & Influence through a Powerful, Authentic Personal Brand, Business Skills and Knowledge.

In January 2023, Lara took on the role of Regional Director for The Athena Network in West Berkshire, England and facilitates networking for professional women.

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HOSTED BY: Lara Lauder


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