Have you ever had a bad hair day?
Of course you have! We all have at some point in our lives. How we react and feel will vary
dependent upon our personality and the situation we are in. Does having a bad hair day affect
your confidence? Affect how you show up at work? Affect your performance at work?
If you are answering Yes to those questions, read on and tune in because my guest just might
have the answers for you.

I was delighted to welcome Hannah Bradley, otherwise known as The Curly Confidante to
the podcast. Hannah felt like she was always having a bad hair day, always straightening her
hair, resenting the fact she felt she had to straighten her hair and even took drastic measures
and cut it all off at one point.

Lockdown affected us all in different ways. For Hannah it made her brave, it made her
experiment with her hair in a way she never had before. The result being “by realising the
full potential of my hair, I came to realise the full potential of myself”.

Hannah has now gone on to build a successful business empowering women to embrace their
hair and use it as a tool to enhance their confidence.

Tune in to hear some truly fascinating insights from this inspirational lady that will help you
Unlock Your Hidden Confidence and embrace you really are!

“ When I went through my transformation with my hair I stepped into who I am meant to be,
my authentic self. It was just so incredible. And I just thought more people need to know this.
You know, everybody, every single person on the planet deserves to experience love and joy
and to reach out for opportunities, whether that’s in business and your personal life, you
know, and I’m so passionate about helping people to have the best possible experience they
can have in their lifetime, particularly for me through the niche of hair and how we feel about
our hair and, and recognising that your hair is an important part of your life.”

‘You are so worthy of the time and energy investment in yourself and all aspects of your
image. You deserve to feel good about yourself. That is your right as a human being”
“Your hair should never ever hold you back from being and doing and having and
experiencing all of the wonderful things that are available to you in life. So learn to love your
hair, learn to love yourself and just everything else in life, all the business success everything
it will take care of itself.”

Hannah is a Hair Coach who is passionate that our hair, and how we feel about our image, should
never hold us back from being, doing, having and experiencing all of the wonderful things life has to
offer. She provides online, one-to-one support, education, coaching and emotional freedom to her
clients through personalised recommendations, hands on support programmes, and image counselling using modern energy therapies. Her passion began through her own journey of hair discovery, as she
transitioned from straightening her hair to embracing her natural texture. She says ‘learning how to
look after and get the best from my hair has changed my life in so many ways, elevating my
mental health and opening opportunities I never thought possible. I’m now on a mission to share
this irreplaceable gift with others’.

Instagram — @the_curly_confidante — https://www.instagram.com/the_curly_confidante/
Facebook – @TheCurlyConfidante — https://www.facebook.com/thecurlyconfidante
LinkedIn – Hannah Bradley — https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannahbradleyhaircoach/
TikTok — @TheCurlyConfidante — https://www.tiktok.com/@thecurlyconfidante

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