WARNING: This episode may contain content that some might find triggering. Suicide and
end of life is discussed.

Experiencing grief is difficult at any time in your life. In this episode my guest Liz Hood and
I talk about how we have navigated our way through grief. What we both have in common is
that wearing our ‘colours’ made us feel more confident at a time when our confidence had
diminished into ‘the fog’ of grief. Tune in to hear how our colour ‘armour’ helped!
Liz shares her experience of grief when she suddenly lost her husband to suicide and then
more recently her mum passing unexpectedly last year.

In this episode, Liz highlights the work of Simon Says, a bereavement charity based in
Hampshire UK where she volunteers. Find out more about the wonderful work this charity
does by clicking HERE

“You’ve got to be kind to yourself. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s so true. You will
probably exist in a fog for a while because bereavement grief is hard. But you will grow
around it”

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