Own Who You Are, Embrace YOUR Style – this is NOT always easy to do at work. Many of us don’t have the confidence or permission from those we work with to bring our ‘wholesale’ to work everyday.


I’ve been curious to know if Covid has changed the way professionals such as solicitors dress. I have always felt that certain professions have a ‘uniform’ of black suits with very little opportunity for individuals to express who they are, their personality. Is Formal Dressing as we know chsnging?

I was delighted to be introduced to Kathryn Devonald-Davies, recognised as one of the Top 5 Business Women in Wales and owner of DPA Law. Kathryn is very clear on how she should dress for work and now empowers her staff to break with the tradition and for them to embrace who they really are and reflect that in their daily appearance. The impact being a more confident, committed workforce.

Tune in to hear some truly fascinating insights from this inspirational lady that will help you Unlock Your Hidden Confidence and embrace you really are!


‘We’ve all got this spark, but sometimes is so lost, it’s embedded, it’s deep down within us. I see style is very reflective of that spark. Because if you see somebody shining, it doesn’t matter who you are, what they wear, because they will shine whatever they wear. But if they’ve got it, if the spark is deeply embedded in them, and they don’t only think that they have to dress in a certain way, you know, I get young solicitors walking through the door here, in a suit, and then in the black tights, and the cleavage is showing, but that’s not them. And for me to say to them, right, tomorrow, you come in as you as you want to be, as you want to show yourself to the world, that’s what I want to see. Because that’s how they get to shine. And when they come in then and they’re more relaxed, or they dress in the you know, in the leather trousers if they want to, then that’s okay, because I need the clients to have the best experience. And the best experience will only come when that spark shines and that talent is there. And that personality is there. And it’s all coming together as a package. Because that’s what I’ve employed is that package.”


Kathryn qualified as a solicitor in 2000.
She has extensive experience in Private Crime, Probate & Wills as well as Company/Commercial Law.
Kathryn joined DPA Law in 2018 and became an owner in 2019.
Kathryn is formerly an academic who held senior positions at the top 4 leading Welsh universities, a business leader in legal training, commercial mediation and corporate consultancy.
Kathryn specializes in researching innovative methods of combining commercial and legal methods in corporate environments and is passionate about the use of Artificial Intelligence and block chain. Kathryn was a visiting specialist lecturer at the Intellectual Property Office Wales and broke new ground within Welsh universities by creating corporate modules to be available through the medium of Welsh.

Kathryn was also responsible for the drafting and delivery of legal training modules for the Home Office and has recently represented the Law Society in Japan on a trade mission.

Kathryn has been recognized as one of the Top 5 Business Women in Wales


Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathryn-devonald-davies-a73015150/

DPA Law LLP  – https://www.dpalaw.co.uk

10 – 12 Queen Victoria Road 

Llanelli, South Wales, SA15 2TN 

01554 749144 


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