For World Book Day we discover that Rolo is not just any dog!

He is a dog who can travel through time and his adventures are recorded and brought to life by author Debi Evans. He is a dog who plays a major role at historical events and his stories have inspired children aged 7-12 around the globe. The Secret Adventures of Rolo are a series of stories well-loved by children and adults.

To Celebrate World Book Day

In this episode of The Unlock Your Hidden Confidence Podcast, author Debi Evans shares the secrets to Rolo’s success, examples of his time travelling adventures and together we highlight the importance of World Book Day.

World Book Day is celebrated on the first Thursday in March and for many schools it is a key date in the school literacy calendar. Authors like Debi and of course Rolo visit schools to inspire children, parents and staff to unlock their hidden confidence and write.

Tune in to hear how and why Debi created The Secret Adventures of Rolo, a taster of Rolo’s historical magical adventures and hear her top tips to encourage you to put pen to paper and become an author.


“Absolutely go for it!

 Don’t be afraid to do it. And even if it doesn’t go any further than your own laptop, just have the confidence to do it . Do a little bit of planning, it’s quite good to have a beginning, a middle and an end in view before you start writing.

If you do think you’ve written something brilliant and you get rejections from publishers who won’t even look at it because they’re slush piles are so high, don’t give up because we had knockbacks with our dragon books and then we, after a bit of research realised we could just literally self publish and look how many copies were sold and how, hopefully how many lives are enriched.

So, if you think you’ve got something worth getting out there, just go ahead and do it.”


Debi Evans came late to writing for children and her own are now fully grown. There is however a 4th child, a rescue Jack Russell called Rolo who inspired a book series which incorporates Debi’s love of history and dragons.

Formerly an Arts graduate, Business Travel Agent, Dubai expat, mother of 3, Debi lived in Marlborough Wiltshire since 2011 and has recently moved to Pangbourne in West Berkshire with her partner and Rolo, and during the pandemic, in place of school visits, has created a new large and vibrant garden from an unloved one, and taken up painting in watercolour and acrylic for pleasure.


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Facebook – www.facebook.com/rolodogblog

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