My guest today, Amanda Harris has been visually impaired since birth. During her childhood, adults focused on what she couldn’t do rather than what she could. At 17, she was receiving benefits as unemployable. However, something changed!

Having gained her law degree, been a successful HR manager, she now runs her successful Will Writing business. She also speaks to groups and organisations on raising the awareness of the social model of disability.

Her memoirs, She Will Never, the book, is due to be published later this year.

In this episode we explore being visually impaired, the different levels of visual impairment and how any disability that you may have doesn’t have to hold you back. There are so many golden nuggets of inspiration in this episode to help you adopt a belief to achieve mindset.

We also discover what unlocked Amanda’s hidden confidence age 17 to take her from being unemployable to gaining a Law degree.

I learnt a lot from listening to Amanda, not just about life being visually impaired. To hear her stories of life, how her husband lost his sight completely whilst she was pregnant and how together they have successfully managed to navigate life bring up a sighted child was inspiring. Her positive mindset is clearly a key factor together with humour!

Tune in to hear a remarkable woman tell her story!


“You are the expert on you!”

“I’ve said nobody can see through my eyes, but nobody can see through anybody else’s eyes. So only you know what you can do and what you want to do. So don’t be swayed by the people that try and make assumptions about what you can do or what you want to do. Be your own person. I hope that’s what I’m teaching my son as he grows up. So, yes, only you are the experts on you!”


Amanda is a Will Writer at a legal, professional speaker, and author. Her book ‘She Will Never…’ will be published in October 2022.


Website https://www.alhlegal-willwriters.co.uk

Linkedln https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-harris-138a2699/

Email hello@amandaharris.co.uk


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