Have you got the confidence to commit to a chemical-free life? From the lotions and potions, you apply to your skin to the washing-up liquid you use at the sink?

Tara Day has made that commitment and she is now on a mission to inspire, educate and support others who want to become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

What motivates someone to make this commitment? In this episode, we explore Tara’s WHY. Surviving breast cancer at 40 years old was certainly a driver but not the only reason.

Tune in to hear a passionate story, top tips on the little steps you can take right now to make your own commitment to going chemical-free, and golden nuggets of inspiration to inspire you to believe to achieve and unlock your hidden confidence.


“Take that first step. Actually have the mindset to, what can I do? How can I do it? Where should I start? Start with the first step. Don’t see the whole set of stairs, start with the first step. And hopefully, as you begin to do that, and you begin to make those small changes, you will understand and see the benefits of that and want to go on and do more. Your health will thank you, your family will thank you and the planet. Let’s face it, we really need to start caring for our planet. We need to start taking that first step.”


Tara is a wife and mum of 3 gorgeous young people and a businesswoman passionate about learning to live sustainably, protecting our health and the planet.

As a Breast Cancer Survivor, she is aware of the need for reducing harmful toxins in the environment and raises awareness and educates others in knowing what we use in our homes and on our bodies.

As an Independent Sales Consultant with Norwex and a growing team, Tara is always looking for ways to build not only her confidence but that of others around her.


Email – daysiescleanlife@gmail.com

Website – www.taraday.norwex.eu

Business page – https://www.facebook.com/www.taraday.norwexuk.co.uk

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tara-day-87458776

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/taradhealthyhome/


Lara is a Presence, Impact & Image Consultant, Speaker, and Co-Author of the International Bestselling book, The Law of Brand Attraction.

Lara works with Ladies around the globe to Unlock Their Hidden Confidence through knowing their colours, understanding their body shape and personality so they can develop an authentic personal style.

In addition, Lara works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to Unlock Their Hidden Confidence to ensure they have maximum Impact & Influence through a Powerful, Authentic Personal Brand, Business Skills, and Knowledge.

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HOSTED BY: Lara Lauder


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