My guest this week is passionate about hats!

Her life long love affair with hats started as a child with a grandmother who had a dressing up box full of hats and now she is the grandma playing hats with her own granddaughter.

Hat Historian Tricia Hamilton has travelled the world, always wearing her hat and during her journey of life has worn many different career hats. At the heart of her rich tapestry of life is passion.

In this episode Tricia describes a fascinating life full of creativity through stories, showing the power of passion to ensure confidence and success.

We also talk about how to feel confident wearing a hat through to how Tricia has patented her own hat called The O Hat and how she shares her love of hats through The Hat Channel.com


“if you’re passionate and you really want to do something, take a little step. I think it’s really good to take little steps and see what’s out there. And if you find that all those little steps join up, and you can actually move in that direction”


Three decades of global travel spanning four continents have impacted on my life. 

A key feature developed as senior teachers began to ask for my help to reach their academic goals in a distance Master in Education Programme with Exeter University. My experiences led them to request guidance for their own studies.

Confidence strengthened when I had to pick myself up from a very dark place in a difficult divorce.

Over the last ten years, with new ventures in Millinery work, my O Hat patent and belonging to The Professional Speaking Association all supported my personal growth.

A career in teaching showed me how to authenticity engage my audiences.

Now, I follow my passion for hats and explore new avenues to share stories. 

I have found audience are keen to hear and step into my world of hats.

My national coverage on Radio4 and recently BBC1 primetime ‘Have I Got News for You’ with 5 million viewers offered magnificent coverage, carving a route forward for The Hat Channel supported by iPlus Marketing. 

This has given me opportunities to move towards TV commentary as a Hat Historian through the history of hats. Watch this space…







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