This week my guest and I share a passion. We are both ‘absolutely passionate about women fulfilling their potential’.

In this episode my guest, founder of Stowhill Estates, Lucy Joerin shares the secrets of her success. Lucy and her husband Michael started their boutique estate agents from their kitchen table and now, 6 years later, proudly have 2 offices and 3 staff and a business that operates a 6 figure turnover.

Like most successful entrepreneurs Lucy looks and sounds one of the most confident people you will ever meet. She is …NOW! It wasn’t always like that though.

This podcast takes you on an inspiring journey which starts with a lady who spent her life getting celebrities ready for the camera but always staying firmly behind it herself. A life many would envy, mixing with the rich and famous. There comes a point , however, when it’s not what you want any more. Your priorities change and like many other women this came in the form of having children for Lucy.

Many women ‘play small’ when children come along. They earn ‘pin money’ and Lucy is here to tell everyone, loud and clear that it does not have to be this way!

This episode is full of inspiration, motivation and top tips on how YOU can Unlock Your Hidden Confidence and Believe To Achieve whatever it is you want!

Lucy believes very firmly that ‘Success Is A State Of Mind’.

“I assumed that leaving my career, my fancy London career, I had to do something that wasn’t very important or wasn’t very challenging. Or, you know, I could just earn a bit of pin money if you like. I just thought, well, I can’t be a mum and, and work for myself and earn great money. And that mindset has taken me probably 10 years to shift.

I think a lot of women believe that too. In order to earn great money, then you have to sacrifice your life as a mum and I’m here to tell you it does not have to be that way. You can be a great mom and spend as much time as you want with your kids and take as many unplugged vacations as you like and you can but you don’t have to doesn’t have to be at the expense of earning really good money.”

Tune in to hear Lucy’s story of success, the reasons behind her niche business and discover what makes Stowhill Estates very DIFFERENT to high street estate agents!


“ Find your value, find your niche” “People don’t pay for your time, they pay for your value”

“Change only happens when you take action!”

“If you’ve listened to this podcast, and you’re inspired, then be inspired by Tony Robbins who says ‘never leave the scene of a decision without taking an action’. So just take one action! If what I’ve said and what Lara has said today has inspired you, just commit to taking one action, whether it’s writing down your goals for the year writing down where you’d like to be next year, or committing to doing one thing, one piece of research or reading a book . Change only happens when you when you take action. So that would be my that would be the words of wisdom. Just never leave the scene of a decision without taking an action and I unashamedly take that from Tony Robbins.”


Lucy started her career in TV & Entertainment PR in 1998. After nearly 20 successful years working for some of the biggest names in showbiz in the UK and internationally, and after running my own PR business for 5 years, she set up Stowhill Estates with her husband Michael in 2016.


Stowhill Estates was born from a desire to combine her passion for property with a drive to provide high quality property marketing and fantastic customer service in an industry that has fallen short in recent years. As a property investor herself  she had experienced poor property marketing and lacklustre service from agents, leaving both buyer and vendor disappointed.


Lucy and her husband Michael decided they could use their combined experience and expertise in sales and marketing and add in a dash of good old fashioned hard work to create a company that continually surpasses their customers’ expectations.


Since their launch in 2016 they have helped hundreds of people move on with their lives by helping them sell their homes for the best price in the shortest timeframe possible, and with the least amount of stress and disruption.  


When Lucy is not selling unique and beautiful homes in Oxfordshire and West Berkshire she is a proud mum of two beautiful girls and an active member of the local community. She enjoys singing in the local choir, clay pigeon shooting and walking her two dogs across the stunning countryside on her doorstep.



Tel: 01235 751 888 or drop us a line:  hello@stowhillestates.com – we love to chat!








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