Have you ever felt overlooked at work? Left wondering why you are not getting ahead? A feeling of being invisible? As if they just don’t notice you and yet your work is first class, your sharp, focused, you smash your targets and your highly capable?

This is exactly how Harry felt in her role as an HR Executive. It all came to a head at a review with her line manager.

In this episode, Harry describes the moment when, even after 9 months  her line manager said “I don’t know who you are” . This completely stopped her in her tracks. Her line manager went on to explain that the smart, sharp looking exterior didn’t always match with the kindness and  empathy for people that Harry showed. She “couldn’t see the congruence, she could not see the outside match the inside and that impacted her trust.”

Harry felt “like I had been kicked in the stomach. I’d spent so long perfecting this external image”

Tune into this episode to hear first hand how Harry turned this situation around, how she was able to get that ‘congruence’ from discovering how to dress to reflect her personality and the confidence that brought her.


“Stop doing the same thing. You can’t expect different results if you’re doing the same thing. So perhaps seek that disruption or a disrupter very much like ourselves that is going to enable you to find the courage to embrace yourself be you be the whole you. And it does take a level of courage and sometimes it does take a bit of disruption to help us go on our way”

Harry describes her story with humour, vulnerability and empathy. It’s a story rich in inspiration that others can take hope from. It’s not just a story about discovering your colour and style, it’s a story about a little girl called Hardeep who walked into a classroom and realised she was not the same as everyone else and adopted a persona ‘Harry’. This persona served her well, it helped her survive until that crunch meeting with her line manager when it “got in the way”.

Harry describes the reality of discovering her personal style as a ‘shock’!

“A shock because that revealed my femininity. I was analysed as being a Romantic Classic. So, the classic I got, yes, this need for structure order, things to match and guidelines and rules and all of that, but the Romantic I  was rejecting. I’m not a hearts and flowers girl, but it’s when that combination comes together, you realise that there is still that nurturing side and you still have to communicate that to the world.”

“I realised that I was rejecting and trying to suppress this side of me and I absolutely needed to adopt it because it leaks out of every hand gesture, it leaks out of every inflection in your voice, it leaks out of every bit of unspoken elements of what you convey. So people are receiving this message and yet you’re looking like something else, the brain is going, I don’t get this and the minute the brain thinks I don’t know what this is –  they don’t trust you!”

Harry now runs a very successful Independent Personal Branding Image Consultancy in the North of England bringing her life experience to all that she works with. Discovering her colour and style most definitely empowered Harry and gave her the confidence to run her own business.

“Your confidence isn’t always knowing what you’re doing. It’s not always having absolute knowledge of something. True Confidence is saying, You know what? I’m going to find out, and I’m going to do it as well as I possibly can. Are you ready for me?

I love this quote! It’s a great example of a ‘Believe To Achieve’ attitude!

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as Harry and I loved creating it.

ABOUT HARRY PUREWAL – ‘A Girl Named Harry’

Harry Purewal runs her own Personal Branding Image Consultancy called “A Girl Named Harry”.  After feeling stuck in her former corporate career, she sought a solution that took her on an unexpected journey.  One that allowed her to fully embrace herself and express it effortlessly in her visual impact.  This not only unlocked a hidden confidence but took it to a height that enabled her to change direction completely and launch her own business.  She now empowers others to close the circle on their internal development and express their personal brand and image wholeheartedly and effortlessly with too.


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