At work, do you ever think to yourself  “Can I really do this? Are people actually really going to listen to me?”

These are the niggling self-doubt questions, that even after a few years in the job as a fully qualified financial adviser, Beth Beemer could not get out of her mind.

Where do these self doubts originate?

The threat of redundancy is hard for anyone but when your 7 months pregnant and just about to go on maternity leave, it’s a worry you can most certainly can do without!

It’s a real-life worry that Beth Beemer could not avoid and had to face. She faced it by returning to work after the birth of her son far too early thinking she might have some control over the situation.

In reality, there is little or no control. In these situations, the decisions have nearly always been taken and a chain reaction of events in a timely manner takes place.

The feeling of not being in control often leaves people feeling helpless, with no direction; it’s a knockback that is hard to overcome.

Digging deep and ‘building from the ground up’ is resourceful, it’s admirable. The desire to once again be ‘in control’ is a huge motivator but can we ever truly get over that huge knock of confidence.

In this Episode

Beth Beemer Dip PFS reflects upon her threat of redundancy, the impact it had upon her life with a small baby and describes how she picked herself up, dusted herself down and retrained. Was this enough though to squash the feelings of self-doubt that had firmly taken root in her mind?

Tune in and hear how Beth has regained her confidence, how she now feels fully ‘present’ for every meeting and how colour has empowered her!

18 months ago, Beth had never heard of Colour Analysis. She hated shopping, was totally uninterested and lived a life of black and white clothing.

Before Colour Analysis

“I would not buy anything unless somebody was with me and made me do it because I would be so unsure. Does this suit me? Does this suit me? I don’t know that I would actually buy anything. Everything was black and white because I kept thinking can you go wrong with black and white, black suit white shirts for work. I hated shopping. I would have to have somebody with me who would lose their temper and say ‘for goodness sake, just buy it, just get something, we’re done with walking around and around,  I hated it!”

4 months after Colour Analysis, being analysed as having a warm skin tone and suiting the colours of Spring, she now has a wardrobe of colour that lights up her face, reflects her personality and allows her to show up in a professional setting with no feelings of self-doubt. In fact, she feels she is able to do her job even better because of the way she now dresses for the audience she is seeing.

“I do have slightly different outfits I wear depending on the clients I’m seeing. I dress very differently for the older generation than the younger generation, who I can be slightly more informal with.”

“There are still the older gentlemen who expect their financial advisor to wear a suit and you’ve sort of got to meet their expectations to some degree to get them to take you seriously. I need them to listen to me. It can be hard enough when they see they’ve got a female advising them without them worrying about me not being dressed in what they consider to be professional.”

Trust is vital when dealing with clients’ financial affairs. Trust is also vital when finding the right person to help you personally and professionally evolve to become more confident.

“I’ve had you there to guide me so I came to you and said I was really struggling to find a suit that wasn’t black. Next thing I know you’ve sent me the links for exactly what I need in grey. So that’s a good thing. You haven’t just helped me on the day I came to see you since then I as you say I’ve been sending you pictures of things Is this right? Is that wrong? You’ve sent me links and things that you’ve come across and this is right for you get this right, just our ongoing support as well. And just knowing there’s somebody you can go to as a quick question yes or no to this and that ongoing support is worth a lot.”

If you are a professional and are fed up wearing black and navy but don’t know how to dress for success in your industry please email lara@laralauder.com to discuss how I can help you Unlock Your Hidden Confidence and wear Colour!


Beth Beemer changed career paths in her 40s, moving from the world of publishing to that of financial services. She now helps families and business owners plan out their finances so they can feel secure and achieve their goals in life. She lives in South Wales with her husband, teenage son and two guinea pigs.


Website: https://www.curzonwm.com/

Email: Bethan.Beemer@sjpp.co.uk

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/beth-beemer-a13a2216/


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In addition, Lara works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to Unlock Their Hidden Confidence to ensure they have maximum Impact & Influence through a Powerful, Authentic Personal Brand, Business Skills and Knowledge.

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