“I just knew that there was this butterfly in me that was just waiting to emerge” – Michelle Smith

This episode is a real-life transformational colour and style story! Come on a journey with us as Michelle Smith talks openly about shifting from a wardrobe of predominately black clothes to a wardrobe full of Summer colours that harmonise perfectly with her natural skin tone.

Discover the secrets to her effortless style, flawless make-up and be inspired along the way as she shares the sequence of events that led to her discovering her colour and style.

Never underestimate the power of the First Impression! Even after 3 1/2 years, Michelle remembers clearly her first impression of me and her introduction to colour. Tune in to hear in detail that memorable day recounted!

Michelle talks in detail about her colour & style journey, ditching the colour black and transforming herself.

” I literally put it all in black in bags right down to the shoes, belts, the necklaces, anything that was black was just gone and I  have not worn a single black item in the last three and a half years, ever!”

As a Summer from the Seasonal Colour Wheel, Michelle talks about her colour of elegance and describes encounters with strangers who positively comment upon her appearance.

Michelle is always receiving compliments and that in turn has unlocked her hidden confidence to compliment others on their appearance.

We even share our favourite place to buy our colourful clothes that ensures we have effortless style everyday -Kettlewell Colours

Michelle is a very active member of the Kettlewell Colour Club and positively influences ladies around the globe with her colour combinations, positivity and confidence.

Are you at a junction in your life like Michelle describes? Is the time now for you?

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Michelle, 52, has been married to Clive for 26 years with 2 grown-up children, both of whom have left home and are enjoying success in their chosen careers.  We have a Tibetan Terrier puppy called Harvey.

Michelle works full time as a PA to 6 Social Workers in Children’s Services for Hampshire County Council, a role she has been doing for 3 ½ years.  Prior to that, she was the Admin Officer for 13 years in a lovely village C of E Primary School.

Michelle is a member of a local musical theatre company and enjoys performing with them as well as living her life in colour!




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HOSTED BY: Lara Lauder


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Your Next Steps To Living A Life In Colour

  1. Go to your wardrobe NOW and put on something in a colour that always makes you feel good!
  2. If you have had your colours done – stick to your Season to ensure maximum impact, complete harmony between the colours and enjoy the benefits of knowing with confidence that you have a wardrobe of clothes that all mix and match perfectly.
  3. Wear your lipstick – it’s a finishing touch!
  4. Wearing 2 colours is great but add a third and see the difference! Try adding a pop of colour with a scarf, belt, coloured shoes or a handbag.
  5. Don’t guess what Season you are!  It’s a complicated, scientific process and consultants like myself have been through intensive training at huge cost to be able to confidently deliver an exceptional service and get your diagnosis RIGHT first time!
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  10. Smile, walk tall and wear your colours with pride!

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