Believing from a young age that she had ‘limitless potential’, founder of the charity Creating Better Futures, Dorothy Dix, believed she could achieve anything regardless of her background. Growing up in Zimbabwe where education is still a privilege for many, Dorothy embraced every opportunity that came her way and at 16 travelled to Norway to study. Dorothy is now passing on her love of learning and her Believe To Achieve attitude, empowering children in Zimbabwe to take inspired action to create a better future.


“Unlocking my hidden confidence means looking within myself, understanding who I really am, what is it that I naturally do? And do well? What is it that drives me, that gives me energy and passion.”


If one word could describe Dorothy Dix, it would have to be ‘passionate’. She has a great energy and enthusiasm about her. Whatever she sets to do, she does it well and you guessed it, with great passion!

Dorothy’s life story is inspirational. She was born and raised in Africa, she grabbed the opportunity to go to school with both hands. Education changed her life, helped her to make friends from all over the world and pursue her ambitions.

Now she gives her time, skills and expertise freely to run a growing charity that she co-founded, Creating Better Futures. She is dedicated to improving the education, welfare and opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children in her home country Zimbabwe. She is particularly driven to empower girls through challenging gender bias in access to education, skills training and self-employment for females. Her compassion and innovation have led to community-led sustainable projects and programs that give the poor a voice and tools to help themselves overcome poverty. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, she remains motivated and ever more dedicated to ensure that the 5 135 children that the charity helps receive the help they need. She has an unwavering belief that everyone has unique potential that can be unlocked and achieved with the right support.







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