In this launch episode, Lara is joined by Focus on Why podcast host Amy Rowlinson. Lara shares her motivation for starting this podcast which is packed full of personal stories describing pivotal transformational moments where Lara’s hidden confidence has shined through to facilitate positive change.

As Lara turns 50, she realises it is only now she is fulfilling her true potential. This podcast is the result of Lara ‘Believing to Achieve’ and it celebrates the HOW, the WHO and the WHAT has helped her do this.

Leaving school at 18 and working in the Midland Bank Lara realised early on that this was not the job for her but what was? Tune in to hear how she has transformed her life and how she now transforms the lives of others.


“Believe to Achieve! Live Your Life Your Way”


Lara is a Presence, Impact & Image  Consultant, ILM Level 5 Approved Aspire For Greatness Business Transformational Course Leader, Speaker and Co-Author of the International Bestselling book, The Law of Brand Attraction.

Lara works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to Unlock Their Hidden Confidence to ensure they have maximum Impact & Influence through a Powerful, Authentic Personal Brand, Business Skills and Knowledge.

If you would like Lara to Unlock Your Hidden Confidence through Colour & Style, presentation skills or in business through the Aspire For Greatness course please book a 20 minute  call via Calendly





Amy Rowlinson is a leader in purpose and fulfilment. With a fascination for understanding WHY people do what they do in life, Amy is on a mission to help entrepreneurs become values-based, purpose-driven and people-centred. Amy helps people to launch (and relaunch) profitable and purposeful podcasts focused on increasing visibility, credibility and impact and which will inspire, entertain and educate a global audience. Amy’s second global podcast, Focus on WHY, is in the Top 1% of podcasts, has released over 170 episodes and is downloaded in 86 countries. At the heart of what Amy does is simple, she helps you to focus on your WHY with clarity, uniting your passion and purpose with a plan to create the life you truly desire. 

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