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Are you joining me as a guest on my global ‘Unlock your Hidden Confidence’ podcast? What hidden confidence are you ready to share with the world?

Colour | Style | Accountability

Do you have presence, impact and poise? Are you always ready for opportunities? Would you like to be?

Helping You Unlock Your Hidden Confidence

Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

I work with Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders to ensure they have Maximum Impact & Influence through a Powerful, Authentic Personal Brand.

I Unlock your Hidden Confidence and show you the ‘HOW’ to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.

Play to your Strengths

Discover your TRUE purpose

Have Clarity of your message

Develop skills and resources to upscale

Manage a thriving business

Confidently speak in public

Have clothes that harmonise with your natural skin tone

Develop Unwavering Self Belief in all you do

Personal body style and the clothes to compliment your style

Have that success mindset

Podcast Guest

Are you my podcast guest? Have you unlocked your hidden confidence and want to share with my listeners from accross the globe?

Why not find out how to connect and become a guest on ‘Unlock Your Hidden Confidence’

Podcast Course

Have you wanted to develop your podcast but have no idea where to start? Well why not join me in partnership with and find out what tools, tech, guides and information your would-be guests need.

Let’s get you hands-on and ready to command the mic!

Confidence with Colour and Style

Developing your personal style is a journey of understanding colours that naturally harmonise with your skin tone together with embracing your natural body shape and reflecting your personality so that your clothes are suitable for the life you lead and the audiences you engage with.

How it would feel to open up your wardrobe and love everything in it? Would you like to have confidence that everything suited you and you had the know-how to ensure all of your clothes mixed and matched to create effortless outfits?

If you want to feel comfortable, authentic,and inspired to present with passion and flare, book your colour and style journey today.

Accountability Action

Are you needing to kickstart your accountability and clarify your message? Are you presenting your business in its best possible light? Are you finding yourself without a plan? Why not connect for an Kickstart and accountability deep dive where we really focus on your message, your direction and your growth?

What Is Unlocking Your Hidden Confidence?
Who is Confidence Coaching For?

Why not take a look at these frequently asked questions to find out more about how Confidence Coaching can help you in your business, your personal life, your presenting, and your public speaking.

How Do You Unlock My Hidden Confidence?

In six ways!

1. Increasing your confidence by getting the correct colours for your skin tone. As you’ll see from the numerous testimonials, my clients share how having the correct colours for their skin tone boosts their confidence in all spheres of life.

2. Leading on from colour is how I get your personal style correct so that you feel comfortable in your clothes and skin, and can exude confidence in any situation because you know you look and feel great.

3. Kickstart and Accountability: If you’re a business that is looking to grow but you can’t quite understand why you’re not growing your business and income, then my clarity, kickstart and accountability coaching sessions help you identify what is holding you back from success, and provides you with a clear plan to take away. It’s supported by regular accountability calls to keep you on track and away from shiny object syndrome and procrastination.

4. Stories from real people via my Global ‘Unlock Your Hidden Confidence Podcast’ where you can hear first hand how successful our guests are, and how they share their key tips on how to unlock your hidden confidence.

5. Presenting can be an enormous success or total flop depending on how you prepare and approach it. I help you learn the best presentation skills and tips so that you are not hindered by nerves and self-consciousness. Instead, I coach you to a flawless and confident presentation in any public speaking event.

6. MC. As a Master of Ceremonies I can take the pressure off you completely by offering my MC services to your event, so that you can focus on the ‘behind the scenes’ and front-facing event without worrying about the order of the event, timings and keeping everyone and everything on track.

What Can Confidence Coaching Do For Me?

Your confidence makes or breaks introductions and connections, opportunities for work, and following through with running your business successfully. My goal is to help you unlock that hidden confidence within you that’s often covered in old beliefs, self-restriction, procrastination, and lack of a clear direction.

I coach you into your confidence so that you can really connect in your true way of being so that people connect with YOU in an authentic and meaningful way. A confident you creates a confident business that allows other people to have confidence in what you offer and create for them.

Who Do You Confidence Coach?

I coach primarily women from all walks of life who have recognised that they are lacking in confidence and yet are courageous enough to not only recognise it but take action and come to me to help them increase their confidence or refind it after layers of life- redundancy, ill health, divorce, a child flying the nest are just some reasons why women seek my services.

What about you? Are you here because you are wanting to unlock your hidden confidence? If you are looking for that sign then this is it! Click on the links to book a complimentary clarity call.

How Will Confidence Coaching Help Me?

By helping you raise your self-esteem from within so that you become unstoppable and don’t crumble at the first hurdle that your business may experience. We all have an inner confidence that can be dulled with all the life experiences and events that can sap our confidence. My job as your Coach is to help you reach your own inner Sparkle so that you can Shine and know that you are truly working from your inner confidence.

How Do I Decide Which Services You Offer are Best For Me and My Circumstances?

Simply click on the book me buttons which will take you to my online calendar to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call. I’ll chat with you about what’s happening for you and based on an assessment I’ll then recommend the coaching that will best suit you.

If you’re happy with our assessment and plan we then get you booked in.

About Me

Lara is an award-winning energetic, creative, Personal Brand and Confidence Coach who empowers women to reconnect, lead and sparkle with their own unique presence and talents. As an International motivational speaker, she is known for captivating her audiences and speaks regularly on ‘How to Unlock Your Hidden Confidence’. She is also a professional member of The Professional Speakers’ Association and has a globally renowned Unlock Your Hidden Confidence podcast.

An entrepreneur from an early age, Lara knows only too well the power of presenting yourself authentically and the value of reputation. Her experience spans two successful franchises, a global network marketing business, as well as a career in teaching. More recently she mentors business owners to success through positive, powerful, personal branding and by utilising their voice and personal presence to ensure positive impact.

She now unites and empowers women from across the world through the Sparkle & Shine Club and is the Founder of the Last Step Before Stage Speakers Academy.


Encouraging, Inspiring and Educational All In One!

The Unlock Your Hidden Confidence Podcast is encouraging, inspiring and educational all in one!

Lara is a wonderful host, with a fabulous energy. Her passion for helping others live into their true potential really shines through and she has a wonderful selection of guests from all walks of life. If you are looking for a podcast that will really help you grow, this is definitely it! “


Incredibly Skilled at Colour & Style!

” Spending time with Lara over zoom was amazing! Not only is she incredibly skilled at color and style, Lara was easy and fun to work with.

I particularly appreciated how honest and direct she was about both color and style. I left feeling more confident not just about what colors and styles I can invest in, but also how to wear the colors, styles and accessories I currently have.”      

Lina J.


I suddenly had blue eyes that I hadn’t really seen before!

Lara was amazing. I am a natural cynic and so whilst curious about the colour analysis, was not convinced that it would work. How wrong was I!!! What an amazing experience. 

The style session that followed helped me realise that I can be confident in my own skin, and that it really doesn’t matter what others think and that I am who I am – so let’s dress like it!!”

Sophie Davies


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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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